The new social normal is the stranger video chat

Did you know that famous celebrities actually get paid a fortune to have a chat or spread an open-ended rumor online? Who would have thought? Anything to make a fortune these days. Now, who says you can’t become a celebrity in your own right as a social media expert or activist, telling the rest of the world about things you already know and matters very close to your own heart. Right now, you may find this hard to believe, but a stranger video chat, never mind just the odd text here and there, is the new social normal.

It’s also a great way to make a living, and you don’t need a college degree to master the tools and communications skills required to set yourself apart and head and shoulders above the rest. Speaking of which, learning this is easy by the way, you need to take some time going over your video presentations, whether you’re going to be chatting live to an audience, just like they do on TV, or putting together your own, short video clip.

Business-wise, this is the new normal of scheduling and conducting face to face meetings and conferences. Time is money and, the last time we checked this, the environment, still precious, is looking very fragile these days. You cut out a lot of time travelling in smog-filled traffic or by airplane. While saving on travelling costs, you also give the environment a break too.

And you always save time. It takes just a minute or two to push the right buttons and set up your next meeting. And if you’re really that busy, you can get your secretary or one of your smart employees to do this for you.