Top 5 Reasons to Legalize Marijuana

Legalize it or not? All of the signs point toward the need to legalize marijuana. In fact, some states are legalizing it for medicinal purposes, and two states have legalized it for recreational use. Here are 5 of the best reasons that marijuana should be legal across the country!

  1. Follow the leader

Right now, marijuana Is legal for recreational yes in Washington and Colorado and the numbers are staggering. There are fewer arrests, greater profits, and less crime being committed in these states. The numbers speak for themselves.

  1. Medical Benefits

There isn’t just one or two studies- there’s hundreds, and they all indicate the benefits of marijuana for ones’ health. Marijuana has shown positive benefits for conditions such as depression, anxiety, and certain types of cancer, glaucoma, artist and many others.

  1. Financial Strain

In 2012, more than 658,000 marijuana arrests were made in the U.S. There were only 256,000 arrests for heroin and cocaine. That’s a problem, as statistics show that most marihuana smokers are law-abiding, honest citizens. Even worse, it costs more than $3.8 billion to fight the war on marijuana – money that could be spent on more urge matters.

  1. Less Harmful than Alcohol and Tobacco

Both are legal and approved by the FDA and both are shown to produce adverse effects to the health, including life-threating injuries.   Marijuana contains no carcinogens as tobacco and is not linked to any health conditions as both tobacco and alcohol.

  1. It is Profitable

Legalizing marijuana is profitable for states and federal government. Recently a Fraser University study concluded that the profits of marijuana could run into the millions!

These are just 5 of the biggest reasons that marijuana should be legalized. It is time to stop prohibition and let America live its life!